School Year AwardedAwarded To:ContactDescriptionAmount Awarded
2007-2008MCHSShane GowerDigital Bulletins$628.78
Maranacook Adult EdLift Our Graduates$1,000.00
Wayne ElementaryNancy MartinSnowshoeing Across Curriculum$1,000.00
Readfield ElementaryJoAnn GrevesConflict Resolution and Bullying Prevention$1,000.00
Total for 2007-08$3,628.78
2008-2009MCHSAnne SinclairSustainability Initiative-Solar Panels$1,000.00
Total for 2008-09$1,000.00
2009-2010Mt.Vernon Elementary SchoolChristy OwensEnergizing our Struggling Pre K-5 Learners$1,000.00
Maranacook Middle SchoolBrett TrefethenRosetta Stone for French,German,Spanish$549.60
Children's CenterJonathan LeachSupporting Young Children of All Abilities$1,000.00
MCHSAnne SinclairReading Rocks!$912.50
Maranacook Middle SchoolStan KeachMiddle School Novel Writing Project$792.00
RSU 38 Elementary SchoolsNancy MartinWhole Food Snacks$1,453.50
Total for 2009-10$5,707.60
2011-2012Maranacook Middle SchoolKaren LavertyKindle Enthusiasm in Reading$834.00
Fayette Central SchoolKathy CoreyTotal Engaement-enhance literacy$989.39
Maranacook Adult EdDebra BomasterFirst Access for Future Success$1,000.00
Total for 2011-12$2,823.39
2012-2013MCHSJean RoesnerHow Related Are We$750.00
MCHS and MCMSSandy Hunter,Vicky GabrionMovement Matters$300.00
Manchester Elementary SchoolMary O'BrienDigital Storytelling$558.00
MCHSPaula WeisbergerConversations about Literature$750.00
Total for 2012-13$2,358.00
2013-14MCHSAnne Schmidt, Sandy HunterBlack Bear Bouotique$300.00
Mt. VernonDeb DubordOnly a Paper Moon$482.00
District ElementaryLinda Gatti-FylerStarfall Technology$650.00
Mt. VernonChristy OwensIf they Can Manipulate It, They Will Learn$750.00
ManchesterRebecca HenryGo Live and Online With a QR Code Science Fair$618.00
Totals for 2013-14$2,800.00
2014-15MCHSAnne ArchambaultMaking a Good Brain Great - An Adolescent's Guide to Optimizing their Supercomputer$575.00
ReadfieldAbby ShinkSalmon in Schools Project$400.00
ManchesterRobin TerrellMaking a Deeper Connection to Our World through Literature$486.00
MCHSMichael DennettChicken Coop Project$539.00
DistrictJeff BridgesGrowing Our Lunch$750.00
FayetteMonica Murry-WebbFayette Oral Histories Using Technology$753.00
Totals for 2014-15$3,503.00
2015-16Mt. VernonChristy OwensDo you want to come play with me?$750.00
Friends of the Cobbossee WatershedCami WilbertWatershed Science Program for Maranacook Schools$750.00
Mt. Vernon & WayneSusan LockhartDid I do that? Using video taped lessons$300.00
ReadfieldMaria RungiEngaging Students in Reading & Writing through Digital Storytelling$900.00
Kennebec Valley YMCARanae L'ItalienCamp KV Literacy Program$1,000.00
Totals for 2015-16$3,700.00
2016-17ManchesterRebecca HenryCreating an Authentic Learning Environment$990.00
DistrictSelene FrohmbergMission and Module - GT Stem Project$1,000.00
ElementaryDori TrippYes Uke Can!!$681.00
MCHSCheryl MarvinneyStream On$400.00
MCHSSteve DeAngelisModeling Motion with Video Analysis$500.00
MCMSStephanie WeeksMoving to Learn$1,000.00
total 2016-17$4,571.00
2017-18MCMSBillie ClevelandAlternative Seating Project$631.80
FayetteJenny BeanHealthy Snack Program$800.00
MCHS Adult EdSteve VoseSenior Cafe Guest Speakers$400.00
ElementaryShannon ColeTechnology to Enhance Communication Skills$870.00
MCMSDenise Churchill3D Printer$450.00
MCHSDrew AlbertSupport for MSC Chamber Singers$1,000.00
MCHSElizabeth GuillemetteCommunity Literacy Project$850.00
Camp KVMichael GriswoldEnvironmental Science Program$1,000.00
total 2017-18$6,001.80
2018-19Junior Achievement of MEMichelle Anderson"JA, It's My Future!"$1,000.00
Mt Vernon ElementaryBonnie LinderYoga Adventure Club$320.00
MCMSKristen LevesqueRube Goldberg Contest$465.00
ElementaryNicole BlakeKiln Replacement$1,000.00
Wayne Elementary SchoolHeather ChalmersWiggle While We Work$575.90
MCMSJean RoesnerRead ME Books$790.05
Mt Vernon ElementaryStephanie ConnorsComputing in the Classroom$200.00
DistrictSelene FrohmbergFinally Finale Music$750.00
District ElementaryPaul McGovernCoding in the Classroom$555.00
Wayne ElementaryVictoria AdamsWater is Fuel$1,000.00
total 2018-19$6,655.95
2019-20Camp KVPaul SveumEnvironmental & Wellness Program$1,000.00
Maranacook Middle SchoolKristen LevesqueWalking Club$600.00
Maranacook Elementary SchoolsPaul McGovernUsing Technology to Improve Reading Skills$866.00
Fayette Central SchoolMonica Murray WebCoding for All$884.00
Friends of Cobbossee WatersheadCami WilbertFrom Classroomto Stream$1,000.00
Manchester Elementary SchoolTyne TurcotteTheater Arts Program$1,000.00
Maranacook High SchoolErnest ColvinBiolistic Gene Delivery System$500.00
total 2019-20$5,850.00